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Bathed in the Grace of Community

This morning was Communion Sunday at the church I visited.  Today, Communion was served at the front of the church in small groups.  Several hymns had been selected to sing while waiting for other to receive the elements.  As time came for our row to go forward, I laid aside my hymnal, and moved into the line. 

In true United Methodist tradition, this was a singing congregation.  As I stood waiting my turn, and knelt to receive the elements, I didn't have the lyrics to sing along.  Instead, I was simply bathed in the song of others, reverberating through the marvelous acoustics of the church. 

What a powerful metaphor for the Church!  Sometime we are the singers, carrying on the tune that has been sung for two millenia, and serving those who are not able to sing along.  At other times, we are the ones bathed in the songs of others, while God's grace is extended to us.

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