Learning from Second Life

-Life is friendlier when everyone walks around with their nametag hovering overhead

-It's easier to get acquainted with clickable profiles

-Easier (& less costly) to be creative when all you have to do is apply a texture

-Creating physical environments just for special events

-Everything is potentially parametric...a carrier for a software surprise

-It's interesting to work on a project in a virtual lab where others might walk by and comment on your work

-Could be a RL-linked version with corporate/organizational 'world' - you can see who's online, and what they're working on.


From :

"For starters: There's an $880 million dollar market for virtual property in online games; the video game industry is outgrowing Hollywood; Google is quickly and quietly paving the world for the geospatial Web; adaptive agents convincingly behave with the complexity of human crowds; game world currencies are tracked in the fashion of Dollars, Euros, and Yen; cameras are translating real space into 3D sims in realtime; mass customization is jonesing for the right platform; simulations are teaching us history; 3D scanners are capturing high-res physical forms; the military is using massively multi-user worlds to train their soldiers; advertising in digital worlds is poised to become big business; fabricators are printing physical objects from digital models; reality gaming and journalistic simulation have arrived; and it goes on and on."

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