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What Would Jesus Do, America?

Jesus spoke more on the subject of finance than any other topic. However, we never hear any of the 'religious right' refer to the national debt or other fiscal issues.  Fiscal responsibility is a fundamental issue for Republicans, certainly, but it's hardly an issue that rouses Fundamentalist fervor.

Now that the US economy is tanking,  and our national debt has hit the three-trillion mark--the highest ever--Congress has decided to give out money in the form of tax rebates.   This is the same sort of deficit spending our citizens already engage in -- borrowing from the future on our credit cards, and paying dearly for the privilege. 

For many years the U.S. Government has refused to waive the debt of third-world countries.  It occurs to me now that should our economy falter further, no one will have much pity on us.  In my religious tradition, we used to recite the words to the Lord's Prayer.  Rather than "sins" or "trespasses," we used the word "debtor."  

Forgive us our debts, as we forgive out debtors.   Oops.

So next time Pat Robertson and friends are looking for a reason that God is "punishing" America (I don't believe that He is, mind you), let's remember the subjects that Jesus actually taught about--love, forgiveness, and.... money.



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