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Church Hopping

I'm still seeking a church home in the Washington, D.C. area.  In the process, I have the joy of getting acquainted with various congregations across the region.  I will say that, on the whole, it is remarkable how backward (er, traditional) they all are in comparison to churches in the midwest.  But, they do execute their liturgy and music with an excellence I thought was lost to history.

 By the way, if you think church "shopping" is a bad idea, I head someone refer to it as "dating" to find the right relationship.

Herein are simply my notes after visiting.

 St James UMC

 Wow! A truly contemporary congregation, or "indigenous" as they refer to themselves.  Still quite a small church, but very authentic.  Finally a church that felt "real."  They're also pretty successful at  the challenge of doing contemporary worship with a smaller congregation, which can be really tough.

Contemporary music headed in the right direction, fully video-ready, diverse age & racial mix, service to the homeless.  Sacred cows are dead. Ready to grow.

Foundry UMC

Uber social justice.  Building homes for the homeless in cooperation with the Mayor.

Phenomenal choir.  Magnificent neighborhood presence.  5 blocks from the White House.

Old Presbyterian Meeting House 

Deeply rooted in history, but very much alive.  The Sunday evening "contemporary" service, however, is only contemporary by George Washington's standards.

Welcoming people, age mix, in Old Town, sponsor concert series, moderate theology. 

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