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Living in a right-click world

After spending a fair amount of time exploring the latest in online activities, I find myself curiously frustrated with the physical world. 

In MMOGs like Second Life, more information about any object or person is available with just a right-click of the mouse. Right-click:properties.  Or, even better, the player's name hovers overhead.  Anyone who has ever attended a conference or trade show can tell you how much easier it is to talk to someone when you don't have to struggle to remember their name.

right-click people.JPG

In online social communities like Myspace, I can learn all about a person before deciding if I want to meet them, or even talk to them.  I can have a deeper relationship with a stranger in the first conversation than I have with longtime acquaintances.

Back to the physical world.  I find myself wanting to right-click a highway intersection to find out who designed it, and then send them an email explaining why it doesn't work.  Or right-click a building material to find out who manufactured it. I want names that hover overhead.  If you're an interesting looking person, I want to read more about you to find out if we have something in common to talk about.

It is only a matter of time until the information amenities we have come to expect online will find a way into the real world. 

Some already have--take, for example, the Asian cell phones which can identify songs playing in any commercial or on TV.  Right-click:title.


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