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Witty Urban-isms

Profound and witty quotes (in some cases paraphrases) heard from New Urbanists:


"I have many salad dressing choices, but few choices of houses" (Stefanos Polyzoides)

"A wise old man once told me, if you're looking for someone to have sex with, you live in the city; if you've got someone to have sex with, you live in the suburbs. Sometimes I think it may be as simple as that."  (unknown)

Pedestrian - one who has found a parking space (Attributed to Todd Zimmerman)

Curb appeal - houses so ugly the curbs are appealing. (Attributed to Todd Zimmerman)

Building a true community requires three basic elements: "schools, housing, and open space." - Scott Johnson, Johnson Fain Partners, Los Angeles in Architecture 12.02,p.35

"The famous avenues of the world are not private spaces. There are no world-renowned gated communities. The places we love are public places, built to be user friendly. By balancing tradition with modernity, communal designs inspire cities and their citizens. They turn street corners into neighbourhoods. Giving urban dwellers a saner place to call home." - Visionary Cities project website, Canadian Broadcasting Company

In the suburbs, "your car is no longer an instrument of freedom but a prosthetic device."  - Jeff Speck, Design Director of the National Endowment for the Arts and an urban planner. (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5455743)



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