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Yield Streets

A yield street is a neighborhood street, not heavily traveled, which allows for parking on both sides, with two-way traffic carried in a single lane.  Cars headed toward each other must "yield."  This is a terrific way to save money on pavement, keep traffic slow, and create a pedestrian friendly (narrow) street corridor. This carries special concerns with respect to fire trucks, however.

At CNU 2005, someone presented yield streets in relation to fire truck access, and laid out these guidelines:

(Yield) street width: 26-28' 

Maximum length: 300' between intersections

This is based on three 120' radii for fire hoses. (from each intersection, and from the center of the block)

The presenter also suggested a 40' long "red zone" with no parking on either side of the street. This allows a firetruck to pass another vehicle. This zone would be at the mid-point of the block, with a fire hydrant.

Also good to know: a firetruck with stabilizers takes up 16' in width.

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