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Jeremy C. Fretts
B. Architecture, Cum Laude with Honors, 1997 Ball State University
Member, Congress for New Urbanism

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Biography of an Urban Designer

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Mr. Fretts grew up in a small town not far from a city of robust neighborhoods. Upon leaving home, he was shocked to learn that many people lived in (gasp) suburbia.

Now living next door to a Metro stop and a landscaped plaza, Jeremy promotes the idea the all architecture and urban design should be HUMANE...both attractive and supportive of good physical and emotional health.

Prior to joining the world-class team at Niles Bolton Associates, Jeremy operated his own firm consulting to developers and urban visionaries in Indiana.  He is thrilled to be able to use his best skills--communicator, facilitator, visionary, and designer-- to "improve the human habitat" throughout the eastern United States.

During his eight years at Architectural Alliance, Mr. Fretts was a junior partner, designing affordable buildings for business and non-profit clients. Mr. Fretts was responsible for designing numerous YMCA's and churches in Indiana, and is expert at working with owners and contractors to develop innovative solutions to budget constraints. These projects often included charrettes or the opportunity to guide volunteer boards-of-directors through the design and construction process.

While at Ball State, Fretts participated in the acclaimed Community Based Projects program.

Resume of Jeremy Fretts