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Transit Church at Clarendon Metro


Shortly after moving to Washington, I began considering the idea of a church located at a Metro station.  It is only appropriate that any building which attracts large volumes of people should be located near transit.  In my conception, I also decided that it should incorporate a daycare center, public meeting rooms, and other "mixed use" components.

Today, I discovered that The Church at Clarendon is developing a mixed-use project on their site of 90 years, located across from the Metro.  They have multiplie congregations that meet within their building, and the new facility will include market rate and affordable housing. 

Kudos to Church at Clarendon for realizing the wisdom of maximizing their land, providing for the poor, and retaining the presence of their ministry.  You can see their development plans online at  www.1bc.org

"Rather than sell to a private developer, the church agreed that a non-profit dedicated to building and maintaining affordable housing should purchase the development rights to the site."

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