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Suburban teen yearns for urban life

It does my heart good to hear a real person validate the statistical claims I've hung my career on.  On Wednesday, I was chatting with a 19 year-old college student who grew up in the suburbs.  He said he'd like to live in Indianapolis.  He was quick to clarify -- downtown, not the suburbs in which he was raised.  He described them as boring...nothing but houses. 

Even Gen Y folks raised in ignorant bliss of real community know they want it!

I'll also share a funny quote here that I just rediscovered.  Author unknown:  "A wise old man once told me, if you're looking for someone to have sex with, you live in the city; if you've got someone to have sex with, you live in the suburbs. Sometimes I think it may be as simple as that."

(Though I disagree...even many older folks want to live in quality urban environments.)

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