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Pleasant places to work

dscf4373_web.jpgFor the first 7-1/2 years of my architectural career, I worked in offices with no windows.  Three different architectural firms, little or no daylight.  If architects work in such dismal conditions, is it any wonder the rest of the country suffers from oppressive work environments?

In the days before electric lighting, factories and offices all had ready access to daylight & fresh air.  Shallow floor plates, lightwells, transom windows, and good design provided these amenities. 

In Europe, a view of the outdoors is required in workplaces. (see related article)

I ask the same question of offices that I do of homes and towns: why do we pay large sums of money to "escape" on vacation to themed resorts and artificial reality, rather than just improving the environments in which we live and work most of the year?

Since starting Humane Design, I have radically improved my workplace.  I work inside with a view of my flower garden and pond, or sitting on the patio with my laptop.  And if that gets mundane, I go to Starbucks or other outdoor cafes.   Frequently, I walk there, since I live in the Town Center of Fishers.

In every project, I work to make sure that my clients have pleasant places to conduct their lives.  Even the lowest-budget church project features a sitting nook with a window for impromptu conversations, or curling up with a book...perhaps The Good Book.

At Hoosier Hills Credit Union (below), the President's office has ample daylight, and access to a roof deck shared with the adjacent training room.  An alternate design had a fully landscaped courtyard for employee use.



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