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Playing in the fountain...an inalienable right!

We declare these truths to be self-evident: public fountains at ground level must be available for wading, toe-dangling, and light water play!


This weekend I saw "no wading" signs at two memorials in Washington, D.C.  "Please respect the memorial."  Well, sorry - I can't respect the sign.  It's not that I disrespect the nature of memorials and monuments, but rather that I respect the intent of intent of the monument designer, and the inate human desire to interact with water.  If you design a fountain in a hot, granite-clad public space, you should assume that people will touch it, and, if possible, walk in it.  

On a more philosophical note, is it not a testimony to the success of our battles for freedom that children should splash about at a memorial?  Childlike innocence, joy, and freedom are the very things our fallen heroes died to defend. 


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