Perfect Kitchen
Friday, June 4, 2010 at 11:08AM
Jeremy Fretts

The "perfect kitchen" for the gourmet apartment dweller. The bulkhead conceals additional storage.The "perfect" kitchen is, of course, different for every user!  However, I frequently design apartment kitchens.  By definition, these are the kitchens for "everyman."   Yet how many apartment and condo kitchens truly function well?  In addition, the designer of a kitchen in a multifamily dwelling has to take into consideration the enormous legal responsibility of complying with national Fair Housing standards, and any local codes or civil rights laws.  As a result,  far too often these kitchens are "code-compliant," or even "usable" by legal definitions,  but not at all pleasant to use.

This kitchen folly is based on converting my own condo kitchen (which I rent) into something visually exciting, and uber-functional.  However, it is broadly applicable to so many typical apartment units.

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