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Meridian Park neighborhood charrette

I had the chance to help out Ball State students conducting a neighborhood planning charrette in the Meridian Park neighborhood in Indianapolis on Saturday morning.

The full results will eventually be online at www.bsu.edu/capic/ , but here's part of my small contribution.  I was charged with helping a student study what a "hard" edge would look like for some vacant lots in a residential neighborhood.  Another team was to create a "soft" version, namely a park. 

It's a bit crude, but for an hour's thought, and twenty minutes' work...not so bad.  And, most importantly, it will help the neighborhood evaluate the possibilities. 

meridian park_web.jpg

The proposed building on the left is a proposed condo adaptation of the "tall house" concept from Kentlands, Maryland.  Another possible concept is to create high density courtyards formed by Craftsman dwellings (common in the surrounding neighborhood). This could be similar to the Mission Meridian project in South Pasadena.

Mission Meridian, Pasadena

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