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Best & worst new appliances

With Christmas just past, I am left with warm memories of the cool new products I discovered while gift-hunting.

I should offer this disclaimer to start: my kudos and concerns are based solely on the product idea and design...I have no idea if they actually work.

toaster poacher.jpgWorst best idea: The Toaster / Poacher

Back to Basics offers this toaster - egg poacher - egg boiler - meat warmer combination. 

I love this!  Except for the fact that it feels like a toy, and has too many loose plastic parts. 

This is a good idea...but it needs to built of stainless steel and have a Cuisinart nameplate. And somehow, it needs fewer parts.

Buy it here.




lg toaster microwave.jpgGreat Hybrid: Microwave /  Toaster

For those of us with too little counter space, and too many appliances, this does a beautiful job of providing toast within the discreet, elegant, stainless steel envelope of a microwave. From LG.

Buy it here.






philips frame.jpg Simply Superior: Philips Digital Photo Frames

I looked at a lot of these, and did some research before buying one as a gift.  This product I can attest to -- it's awesome!   Beautifully designed (an award winner), high quality, and pretty user friendly.  The picture quality and resolution are magnificent.

The only improvement the unit could use is a DVD-style navigator.  The buttons are a little counterintuitive.  (but they are clearly labeled, so it's only a minor point).  Buy it here.



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