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Asian Microlofts (sm)

talbott pagoda.jpg

There are numerous housing types that are underused.  Among the typologies apparently absent from the landscape are Asian-inspired dwellings.  Yet, in online communities like Second Life, such dwellings and gardens proliferate.  I would further speculate that many of the online-habitats are created by users from the US and Europe.   Yet, I have not found any enclaves of similar dwellings in the real world USA.

Though lofts have become popular, they are still not readily available to the mass market.  Most of the current stock is either oversized, or overpriced.  These flexible dwellings have great potential for further development.

So, in this study, I have combined the open plan and structure of the loft, with a bit of Asian styling.  This block of three "stacked flats" could fit on a traditional city lot in many historic neighborhoods, including Talbott Street in Indianapolis.

With its "hat," the whole building leans toward the oriental, with the windows taking on a shoji-screen appearance.  With a parapet, it is a Bauhaus warehouse, but still quite well suited for Asian interiors.

(Please contact me if you have a site in need of a Microloftsm building! )

talbott bauhaus.jpg

Below is my original "Japanese Loft" building from Second Life.


Below are two locations in Second Life, among many, which are inspired by Japanese and Asian architecture.



"Microloft" is a servicemark of Humane Design.


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