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Affordable housing, mass customization: the next frontier

In the last 9 years, I have designed affordable YMCA's, affordable churches, and affordable showrooms.  Now, I am burning with the desire to design affordable housing.  It's not entirely out of charity, more born from personal frustration.

It amazes me that the only folks building affordable housing in the Indianapolis market ($110,000 +/-) are delivering a poorly designed and poorly constructed product-- what I have called "the slums of tomorrow." Meanwhile, townhomes priced at $250,000 can't offer me the simplest cabinetry customization (drawers instead of base cabinets).  And finally, working on multifamily projects with my own clients, I am stunned by the price at which we must sell them...and there's not even much profit.

God has blessed with the the opportunity to design every building type I've ever had an interest in...churches, community centers, banks, mixed-use...perhaps he's saved the best for last.  If I can find a client or investor, I plan to tackle residential design with the same obsessive compulsive drive for handsome affordability that has satisfied frugal clients across the state.   Stay tuned for more on Housing...


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