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Educating Americans to choose urban life

Urban Planner Kyle Ezell has taken hold of the fact that most Americans don't know what it's like to live in a real city.  Most live in suburbs, perhaps near a city that's only a shadow of what a real, vibrant city can be.

His company, Get Urban America, is committed to educating folks about what it CAN be like to live in a city.

"Big changes will only occur when millions of people want to to live in authentic urban neighborhoods.   Millions don't. They don't know how, and likely, they don't know what they're missing!"

"...shouldn't every city, regardless of size, offer a bustling urban landscape for those people with strong urban values?  Shouldn't Columbus and all cities like it provide a vibrant "Mini-Manhattan," especially in the core of downtown, so locals with urban values don't feel robbed, fleeing to New York or Chicago to find a "real city?"  Cities with weak markets for urban living obviously provide few real choices."


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