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Hangin' with the Prez

CNU President & CEO John Norquist visited Indianapolis and Muncie this week, and I was honored to play host on Thursday.  A small group of Hoosier Urbanists gathered for "Coffee Hour" to discuss light rail, the local Saxony development, and the challenge of building desirable affordable housing.

John also shared his innovative approach to "Public Private Partnerships" -- express permitting, rather than endless political shenanigans and subsidies.  He reported that one developer in Milwaukee, who came to the Mayor's office hat-in-hand, lobbyist at his side, hoping for a handout, was elated by the option to just get busy and build...without any "gimmees." 

It seemed to me a pretty Republican approach for such an outspoken Democrat.  It looks like intelligent, thoughtful government is possible, after all.

John & I toured Massachusetts Avenue arts district, the Old Northside, and Fall Creek Place, all of which Norquist found impressive and surprising. 

John and I also continued the discussion of Faith and Urbanism begun at the CNU'05 session he hosted.

Buy John Norquist's book, "The Wealth of American Cities," here:


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