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Structured for growth!

Not a lot of new content here in the "Fresh Ideas" area...but I did complete a total website overhaul! Humanedesign.com is now powered by Squarespace.

Look for photos with commentary in the Portfolio and Resources/Good Examples areas.  Most notably, examples of bright, daylit contemporary worship spaces which ALSO feature clear media screens. 

More pictures, portfolio content, and current project information is coming soon.  Meanwhile...any takers for condos or retail space at Lantern Point?  Now leasing!!!!

The photo at the top of the page is recent work for EDEN Design and the Near Northside neighborhood in Indianapolis...it demonstrates that a very urban, walkable Kroger is possible at 16th & Park Avenue in Indianapolis.

8/16/05 UPDATE: Check out the "unbuilt work" area for some fun renderings.

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