I may be pickier about chairs than any other product. These are my favorites. I've specified them, I've purchased them myself.  They are comfortable, durable, and handsome. And all but one of them are reasonably priced.  Most of these are available through Continental Office Environments in Indianapolis. www.continentalindy.com.  Ask for Jennifer, and tell her I sent you.

Ergonomic Desk Chairs

  • Skye Chair, by Kimball - After test driving outstanding chairs from Herman Miller and Humanscale, this is the one I bought.  Elegant, comfortable, highly adjustable. This is a premium desk chair for full-time desk jockeys, or corporate execs who want to look like they're sitting in an expensive chair.  www.kimball.com

Stacking Chairs

  • Carlo Chair, by Holsag Canada - What a great wooden stacking chair. Incredibly comfortable, and nearly indestructible. And, at a price point well below the average for a stacker of this quality...about $45 each.  www.holsag.com.  I used these for large group meeting rooms at Community Mental Health Centers, Inc., and they have since ordered more.
  • Reva Chair / Barstool, by Thonet - Plastic clamshell on chrome legs.  A simple formula, but Thonet executes with more style and comfort than most with their Reva series.  These come in stacking chairs, barstools, and rolling armchairs. They are well-priced, with chairs costing less than $100 each (how much less depends on who you know.) I use these for dining & bar chairs in my house. (I don't understand why Americans, generally, buy lousy wooden dining furniture that's not comfortable and is easily damaged.) www.thonet.com